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Fall F-AB-ULOUS Bootcamp

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Week 4 is here!! 🏅

This is the week that makes the habit! You should be noticing a change in sleep, stress, energy, and the way your clothes feel! You may even start to hear others give you complements. If you're following along with the cheat sheets week four also brings us the hardest nutrition challenge (which is why it is last 🤣). Check out the attached cheat sheet for ditching dairy.

To be honest, when I first did this week of the challenge I noticed a huge reduction in inflammation (which in always thought was the last 5 vanity pounds I needed to lose). Obviously, this isn't something that you will do forever but ditching the dairy for a week or two allows your body to reset and get back to the cellular functions that are supposed to be happening.

In class this week we will do a fitness test on Tuesday and play partner monopoly on Thursday!! Thursday game night is back! One of my favorite classes is monopoly and I think you will love it too!

4 classes to go!

If you haven't had measurements yet I'll be happy to do that this week before class.

Mercedes J. Patton


I am so excited you joined bootcamp! You are now part of a g...
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