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Fall F-AB-ULOUS Bootcamp

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Today was amazing!! Three classes down seven to go! I highly recommend you take pictures of yourself each week. You don't need to share them with me or on social media or anything like that but sometimes the scale is not a good indicator of how things are going. Here are 7 better ways:

  1. Pictures /measurements

  2. Falling and staying asleep

  3. Waking up more energized

  4. Having more energy throughout the day

  5. Less cravings/better food choices

  6. Clothes fitting better

  7. Improved mood.

One or all of these things are better indicators of success than the number on the scale. Always take time to reflect and check in with yourself intentionally focusing on these 7 points. And if you must weigh yourself always do it first thing in the morning! Your weight will change frequently throughout the day.

Great job today guys! 💪



I am so excited you joined bootcamp! You are now part of a g...
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