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Fall F-AB-ULOUS Bootcamp

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Week 2 let's gooooo! Who's ready??

We will up the intensity, just a little, this week in and out of class and (if you're following along) with our nitrition plan as well!

EXERCISE: Week 2 is all about an open mind. You can do hard things if you prepare and try! Follow the calendar and keep aiming for 10,000 steps.

NUTRITION: Add more greens! Find tips in the week 2 cheat sheet (from the welcome document).

And continue cutting back on those empty calories. If you're feeling sluggish vitamin B12 and D are awesome supplements. 😁

Let me know if you have any questions. I will be adding some files after work today on healthy snack options!

See you tomorrow!



I am so excited you joined bootcamp! You are now part of a g...
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