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Fall F-AB-ULOUS Bootcamp

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Hey #fitfam I sent myself to the nurse today. Caught the bug at school. 🤒

No class tonight.

Hopefully should be feeling better by Saturday morning!


Ok. Here's the Monday class update. I am going to be offering Monday kickboxing at 6 but not tomorrow. Kickboxing will start next Monday. So this week classes are Tuesday HIIT and Thursday Body Sculpt at 6. Next week 12/11 kickboxing will start.

Mercedes J. Patton

9 AM class tomorrow. Partner stations! 💪💪💪

Hey y'all! Happy Friday. Happy weekend! I'm going to cancel class for tomorrow morning. I'm exhausted and Doug and I are headed out kinda early to find a Christmas present on Willie Js Christmas list. I'll see you all on December 4th. Enjoy your week. We will get back after it soon!! 😘😘

Elizabeth Clack
Mercedes J. Patton


I am so excited you joined bootcamp! You are now part of a g...
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